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These resources include RCD and partner publications as well as general, technical, and permitting related references.

Conservation Methods

pdfCAFF Hedgerows and Farmscaping for California Agriculture (2018)
pdfHillslope Farms Runoff Management Practices Guide (2014)
pdfGuia De Prácticas Para El Manejo De Erosión Y Escorrentía Agrícola En Laderas (2016)
pdfCarmel River Watershed Stewardship Manual (2013)
pdfCentral Coast Private Road Maintenance Guide
pdfHandbook of Agricultural Conservation Practices (2012)
pdfManual de Prácticas para la Conservación Agrícola (2012)
pdfSlide Show: Conversion of Agricultural Drainage Ditches into Treatment Wetlands
pdfVegetated Waterways
pdfControlling Erosion on hillside farms
pdfControlando la erosión en las lomas y camínos agricolas
pdfFurrow Alignment: A How-to Guide for Growers
pdfIrrigation Evaluation
pdfEvaluación de Riego
pdfIrrigation and Tail Water Monitoring
pdfVegetative Treatment Systems for Water Quality Improvement
pdfTechnical Paper: Stormwater Erosion and Runoff on Salinas and Pajaro Valley Farms
pdfHow to Use a Tensiometer
pdfCómo Usar un Tensiómetro
pdfReview of Innovative Research on Nutrient Management
video Factores Para Determinar el Diseño de un Sistema de Riego (Abril 2021)

Permitting References

pdfCEQA Mitigated Negative Declaration for Salinas Watershed Non-Native Weed Control Program (2011)
pdfElkhorn Slough Watershed Permit Coordination Program: 2003 Implementation Report

Food Safety And Water Quality Co-Management

pdfChallenges to Co-Management of Food Safety and Environmental Protection—A Grower Survey (July 2009)
pdfFood Safety Considerations for Conservation Planners—A Field Guide for Practitioners (July 2009)
pdfFood safety and environmental quality impose conflicting demands on Central Coast growers - Grower Survey Article (Spring 2008)