Notice of Intent for Application of Aquatic Herbicides

The Resource Conservation District of Monterey County (RCDMC) was granted a General National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for Residual Aquatic Pesticide Discharges to Waters of the United States from Algae and Aquatic Weed Control Applications from the State Water Resources Control board on June 23, 2014. This permit covers the RCDMC’s arundo (Arundo donax) and tamarisk (Tamarisk sp.) control efforts in the Salinas River riparian corridor. The RCDMC manages these invasive plants to improve habitat for fish and wildlife and reduce flood and fire risk along the Salinas River.

Beginning July 23, 2019, the RCDMC will be applying a glyphosate- and/or imazapyr-based aquatic-formulated herbicide to arundo stands and tamarisk shrubs in the Salinas River riparian corridor between Soledad and King City, CA. Applications will likely continue through October 2019.

Herbicide will not be applied directly into the water and best management practices should result in no water contamination. No adverse impacts to the Salinas River or receiving water bodies are expected, and there are no water use restrictions associated with this application.

For more information, please contact Emily Zefferman, RCDMC Ecologist, at (831) 975-7761.