CURES neonic product stewardship programJune 12, 2019

The Resource Conservation District of Monterey County (RCDMC) is working with the Coalition for Urban Rural Environmental Stewardship (CURES) to bring pesticide applicator training directly to the field in a classroom-on-wheels in 2019-2020. The project, organized by CURES and sponsored by four registrants, includes a 12-minute video and 8-page publication outlining pesticide application stewardship practices to protect surface water. Both the video and publication are produced in English and Spanish.

The classroom-on-wheels is a converted passenger van set up to handle small groups of applicators in each session. The video includes actual field footage taken in the region using state-of-the-art drone mounted cameras. During and after the video presentation, applicators are given a chance to provide feedback on the practices and offer suggestions to be included in future versions of the training.

CURES welcomes reservations by phone (831-214-9125) or email from growers, commercial applicators and Pest Control Advisors to arrange on-site training sessions. An order form for the Neonicotinoid Product Stewardship Program Brochure can be found on the CURES website at

The CURES project is supported by Bayer Crop Science, Gowan, Syngenta Crop Protection and Valent USA.

For more information, contact CURES staff at 831-214-9125, or Natalie Solares of the RCDMC at 831-975-7751,